FundRaisingGlobal is a crowdfunding resource dedicated to helping entrepreneurs develop campaigns that attract investment to support their business objectives. Our approach is to create an ecosystem of support that goes beyond raising money with a focus on developing business strategies for sustainable growth through business development partnerships.


Support to initiatives that have creative solutions that support the resilience and recovery of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ghana.


Support to entrepreneurs in the form of grants, debt and equity as well as business development and mentorship.


Support to charities that have creative solutions that support the resilience and recovery of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ghana at the community level.

FundRaisingGlobal promotes investment participation from individuals, angel investors and financing networks that have an interest communities where they have a special interest in making a difference. We have, therefore changed our business model to support developing these investor linkages to campaigns to foster a connection that goes beyond raising capital.
The Covid-19 pandemic has catalysed the need to act swiftly to support entrepreneurs, microenterprises and small and medium business. Starting in Ghana, FundRaisingGlobal will marry an aggressive outreach program with financial service providers, business development services, academic institutions as well as Ghanaian diaspora networks to begin the matching process.
The platform will start accepting applications on June 29th through this portal. 
We are seeking proposals to launch the site which will be converted into online campaigns.  If you have a project that needs funding in relating to Covid-19, Entrepreneurship or Charity campaigns, we welcome your early submission. To have your campaign considered please send a brief letter of interest as well as a business plan to or click to apply.
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