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Alex Gyasi

Our supplementary schools are free and we provide a free lunch for each child that attends. We also would like to raise money to cover the allowances of our volunteer teachers and to pay a salary for a full-time national coordinator. We are also looking for funding to rent facilities and in the future build our own schools so we are not dependent on the use and hire of venues. We are currently in 3 regions and wish to expand into every region of Ghana to give even more underprivileged children access to quality education.

Impact on society

At the end of this project standards of education for children who are unable to access quality education due to the financial constraints of their parents will be improved. The aim is to get the children into higher education which will, in turn, enable them to acquire well-paid jobs and support their families out of poverty. The overall impact on the community will be improved standards of education and improved standards of living.



Funded of 5000 GHS



Dial *789*999# on your phone. Enter campaign code 261 and proceed to donate with any network

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