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Eric Ajao


There has been an increase in the spread of covid 19, and there are so many means with which it can be contracted. Our daily handling of money and inability to sanitize clearly, our hands has been the means for widespread use. With this, Erixacare Phyto Health Centre intends to block all avenues for spread, first we have produced a registered hand sanitizer to help fight it, we have a team working hard to create a sanitizing box for our monies, phones, and all materials, very convenient and easy to manage, and finally, we have formulated a potent herbal immune booster to help fight the virus and increase your bodies immunity against the virus, with all these Erixacare is fully confident that when you help us raise this fund, we can help to kick the pandemic and also generate some income to help people who are affected by this pandemic.

The money will be used to purchase equipment to increase the production, and also to extend the facility to accommodate workers, so as to generate income to support community development and wellbeing of people.

This project is important to me because I believe it will help save lives and also improve the standard of living of people in a community and vicinity as more people will be employed during expansion as the result of the money obtained. Through this project I am able to support the less privileged in my local community.


Funded of 5000 GHS



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