Women in Fisheries


Funded of 8000 GHS


Fish 4 Life!

The campaign seeks to improve the health of women and children in the Shama District of Ghana while enhancing their socio-economic livelihoods. Preliminary studies done in the district revealed that constant exposure to smoke due to the use of inefficient fish smoking systems affects their health. Low incomes generated from their businesses coupled with the incidence of COVID 19 also affect their livelihoods. Women and children are thus at a higher risk of bearing the impacts of this disease outbreak making it difficult to access health care for themselves and their children. Funds raised would be used to train 500 fishmongers on improved fish smoking practices, and also support these 500 women and children to access health care in the district. This will be achieved by sensitizing sessions on the health insurance scheme and supporting women and children in the district to register and undertake renewals onto the scheme.