Innovate, create jobs, save lives


Funded of 5000 GHS


Innovate, create jobs, save lives

With the emergence of Covid-19, Kei'n'em Ventures was born as a company with the sole vision to solve one of the major problems at hand being the shortage of Hand sanitizers in Ghana. The company sought to reach out to the whole population of the Western Region of Ghana with quality and cheap locally made Hand Sanitizers, tried and approved by the Food and Drugs Authority. Our major set back in attaining this dream was the high cost of ethanol for production. Up to date, we experience an exponential increase in ethanol prices from our suppliers who also blame the price hikes on high import duties.

As a team, we have, since, been researching and experimenting on how to make our vision come to pass and keep our business running. From our research, we discovered the possibility of brewing ethanol locally using our local cheap raw materials such as starch from cassava. This production will be purely organic and environmentally friendly as we will need to plant more cassava.

A solution, which, if well funded, will not only help attain our vision but create huge jobs for the youth, be a leading supplier of locally produced ethanol in Ghana, and encourage cassava farmers and local brewers in their field of work. This will, to a larger extent, reduce migration of the youth in the Western Region to the capital ( Greater Accra) in search of jobs which causes overcrowding in the capital and as well reduce major social vices such as armed robbery, prostitution, and drug abuse.

At Kei'n'em Ventures, we believe every youth has the right to a good life and as such, they have the right to sustainable jobs. As a once victim of unemployment for 6 years after obtaining a Masters Degree, our CEO is so passionate about the issues of unemployment and works so hard to make sure that the people he can reach out to do not suffer as he did. We have an aim, which is to be able to make a good life in the Western Region of Ghana, encourage the youth to stay by giving them meaningful jobs to do.

If you have been able to read our campaign message this far, it means so much to us. We entreat you to support us and make this vision a reality by donating as much as you can if you believe in youth empowerment. We are happy that you are willing to help us spread the word by sharing the link on your social media pages.

We are thankful for your support and we know that together we can make "The change".