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Food production in Ghana and in the world at large has assumed a very alarming trend, with a great reliance on synthetic chemicals and fertilizers which poses danger to the crops, animals, the environment and finally to the consume Fresh Life 360 is an organic Ghanaian farm that focuses on the need for healthy living, hence the consumption of good food. At Fresh Life 360, we seek to employ very convenient and environmentally friendly practices to come up with the best of farm produce and products and promote gender equality within our business.

With the outcomes of this campaign we seek to:

1. Construct two new collapsible ponds within two months

2. Construct a 120,000 capacity Hatchery within 5 months.

3. Install aerators in ponds.

4. Link pond water to the vegetable farms to water vegetables.

This project will have a significant impact and contribute to achieve the SDGs. Fresh Life 360 aims to reduce poverty (SDG 1) by employment creation for females and youth in the community ( SDG 5 and 9).

This would also avert the dangers of women going through river bodies in search of fishes for sale ( SDG 5 , 8 and 15)

Since the youth in Eshiem are largely into sand winning, employing more of them would help reduce the dangers that come with sand winning, like flooding. (SDG 8 and 15)



Funded of 5000 GHS



Dial *789*999# on your phone. Enter campaign code 250 and proceed to donate with any network

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