Frequently Asked Questions

Starting and Managing a Campaign

Anyone can start a campaign. All you have to do is complete the free registration for a Fundrais-ing Global account and get started!

You can raise money for anything you care about. For example: social causes, a personal chal-lenge, a new business idea or a medical bill. Have a look at the campaigns on our website to see how others are raising money for causes they care about.

Once you upload your campaign it goes through to our site administrators for a review. Within 24 hours of uploading your campaign, it will either be approved and listed on the website, or we will be in touch requesting more information, usually regarding your organization and what you intend to use the funds for. We do not condone campaigns associated with weapons, drug and human trafficking, money laundering, and other illegal activities, so campaigns of that nature are imme-diately rejected.

You can run your campaign for up to 3 months, but from our experience, campaigns which have a timeline of between 4 and 6 weeks are the most successful. This is because, you’re more like-ly to be motivated to run and sustain a campaign awareness campaign for such a relatively short period, and people are more willing to donate if you create a sense of urgency.

Our website has links to Facebook, Twitter so you can make your friends and social media con-nections aware of your fundraising campaign and encourage them to support it with monetary donations or by sharing the campaign with their network.
Did you know your campaign has a unique URL link? You can send this link via email or Whatsapp, a service which past campaign owners have found helpful in sharing their campaign via broadcast messages and also personal messages. Anyone that clicks on the link is immedi-ately directed to your campaign page, and once they click on “Donate” they can support your campaign.

Take a look at some of our tips to running a successful campaign and subscribe to our newslet-ter to receive our free E-book with even more tips.

No, you cannot start a campaign without a bank account. This is because we transfer your funds to you using your bank account.

Yes, you will receive your donations even if you do not reach your target.

Yes, you can. The target is your goal but you can raise more!

No, you do not have to pay back the funds you received from people that donated to your cam-paign. We are a donation-based crowd funding website and we treat donations as grants and not loans. However, you can offer donors perks or incentives to encourage them donate to your campaign. For example, if you are raising money to build a school in your community, you can offer people that donate a certain amount the opportunity to have their names on the school wall, or to have a classroom building named after them.
Offering relevant and attractive incentives can help you raise more money but it is for you to de-cide.

You can upload as many different fundraising campaigns as you want to our website, but you can only have a maximum of two campaigns on our website at a time. Sharing and promoting a crowd funding campaign to make it successful requires a lot of resources including time and money, which is why we have limited the number of active campaigns any one fundraiser can have.

For now we are operational in Ghana and Pakistan but we are planning to expand to other countries soon.