Raising 50,000 sanitary pads for school girls in rural communities in Ghana

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Child Rights International

An Adult Is A Child Who Has Survived

Every girl is entitled to education but is estimated that one in ten girls in Sub-Saharan Africa misses school due to their periods. While some of these girls miss about 20 percent of an academic year, others drop out of school once they begin menstruating.

Young women should not be deprived of a quality education due to a lack of facilities, information or sanitary products.

To resolve this problem Child Right International is raising funds to distribute sanitary products to thousands of girls in rural areas in the Ashanti region.

The impact:

• Improvement of school attendance of girls who miss out on school during their periods.

• Elimination of taboos associated with conversations revolving around menstruation through community sensitization.

• More males educated on the topic and becoming allies to champion the cause related to menstruation and girl-child empowerment.

• Improvement of the menstrual health of girls, their education and overall standard of living.

Steps to realize the project:

• Data collection to gather facts and statistics on menstruation in Ghana.

• Social media campaign to raise 50,000 sanitary pads for distribution.

• Social media posts based on the facts and figures from research to draw more attention and support to the issue.

• Publication of articles on issues relating to menstruation in the newspapers.

• Focus group discussions on menstrual hygiene. 

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