Irrigation Farming

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Emmanuel Kyeremateng

To complete my irrigation vegetable farm project. This money will help complete the project, produce organic vegetable and train our community on irrigationn farm system.

Organic Irrigation Project


I'm here to raise fun of at least ¢3500 ( $500) to complete the project. I have already bought some items but I got stack along the way

I have land, build overhead tank, warehouse, pumping machine and 3kw generator to power it and some few irrigation equipment.

All need is money for land preparation, buy ¾ PVC pipes and get some few items. 

I hope with your help I can make it.

I'll applicate if it is even a loan and pay back in 6 months

Thanks for your concern.


Funded of 3500 GHS



Dial *789*999# on your phone. Enter campaign code 449 and proceed to donate with any network

Quick dial *789*999#449#

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