Livelihood for women through bamboo products

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Portia Oduro

We impact socio-economically for life

Bamboo trees are used for construction purposes, furniture, paper, biomass production, and more. Women in Action Against Poverty seeks to obtain operational tools to improve the skill training offered and increase the production of bamboo. The organization has created a strong link with Inbar to support and supply the women groups with bamboo seeds and seedlings. There is also training organised by experts on bamboo production. Lands for the project have been negotiated for and secured. The community where the project is to take place will have a number of its women placed under the program. 

The impact

-Training people how to cultivate bamboo is giving them a source of remuneration for the future.

-Wasted land will be restored through the project.

- The living standards of women will be improved.

By donating to this cause you support agriculture in Ghana.


Funded of 3000 GHS



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