Construction of Yesli Ice Factory

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Rita Diabah

Yesli Ice, Truly low on sugar

Yesli Ice has been providing beverages such as yoghurts, ice creams and ginger drinks for almost seven years. Due to the high demand of our products we decided to increase our production level. A new factory will mean more workers needed. Therefore this will increase the employment rate. Help us to achieve our dreams by donating to our cause. Any amount will get us closer to our goals.

Steps to realize Project

1.  Secure an appropriate location (Done)

2. Architectural Design and construction Drawings (Ongoing)

3. Secure Funding

4. Obtain permits

5. Commence and complete construction

6. Equipment Purchase and furnishing

Community Impact

The construction of the factory is going to provide several benefits to the district of Shama in the Western Region. The main benefit of this project is, it contributes to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) numbers One, Two and Eight which are: number one, to end poverty in all of its forms. Number two, to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. Number eight to provide decent work and economic growth.

To expand on these, the factory target is to directly employ at least 100 people. Thus, this will provide decent jobs and boost the economic growth of the country through the payment of taxes. The factory will also provide the workers with good income and enable them to cater for their families and prevent poverty. Raw Materials for Yesli's Natural Beverage product line sourced from plants grown locally in various parts of Ghana. This contributes to the provision of an available market for farm produce, consequently promoting sustainable agriculture and improving the nutrition of our customers, promoting food security and contributing to ending hunger.

In addition to this, Yesli Ice is committed to promoting gender equality. With the founder being a woman, she is very much passionate about equality and women empowerment especially. She provides encouragement and motivation to young and upcoming girls to set bigger goals and not settle for less. She also proactively ensures that there is no gender bias in the selection of her employees, so employees are selected without an ounce of gender privilege but merit only.

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Funded of 8000 GHS



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