End smoke, save life

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Godfred Oduro

End smoke, save life

Freddy Bidipa Company Ltd is a company that manufactures and produces charcoal and briquette lighter. The company recycles agro waste into usable products meant to aid the lighting of charcoal and briquette.

We aspire to become the leader in consumable energy production in Ghana.

By giving to this campaign you support small businesses in their growth.

The impact

The project prevents both indoor and outdoor air pollution hence curbing climate change.  A number of job opportunities to reduce the unemployment situation in the country.

It will reduce waste and ensure proper sanitation in the community

The living standard of the people in the community will improve.

What has been done so far

-A number of study/ test has been done to check the efficacy of the product.

-Raw materials are readily available for production.

-The product has received wide acceptance by the customers.

-There is ongoing education and sensitization on the harmful effects of using polythene bags (smoke) as fuel for lighting briquette or charcoal

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Funded of 3000 GHS



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