Set up digital education office in Northern Ghana

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Brahimah Gbolo Osman

digital education, community development, creating jobs, improving lives.

When it comes to development in any areas of live, the northern sector of Ghana is always in deprivation. We are now in a digital age and it is paramount for all and sundry to be enlightened on on digital businesses set ups, cryptocurrencies purchases and holdings, online foreign exchange trading and stocks trading etc.

In the southern sector of Ghana, there are many offices set up for educating the populace on digital trading and investments but not a single one in the northern zone.

And since I have attained enormous expertise in digital investments and trading it is my greatest pleasure and mission to also set up an office there to educate the populace on setting up businesses online, cryptocurrencies purchases and storage, online foreign exchange trading, stock trading and so many others.

I have already registered the institute with registrar generals department and has also been granted permission to set up the digital education school there but I don't have the funds necessary funds to set up an office there which is why I am here seeking your donations to make it happen. I believe together we can do it.

If others can support for games, entertainments, sky diving etc you can also support to impact digital knowledge.

Thanks for your support.


Funded of 6000 GHS



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