The anti-teenage pregnancy campaign initiative

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Ali Robert

Help reduce pregnancies among teenagers!

The high birth rate among adolescent girls is a manifestation of the high level of their sexual activity and lack of knowledge on sexual matters including birth control and sexually transmitted infections (STI).

Teenage pregnancy continues to be a challenge for most countries, especially those in Africa. For Ghana, this is a serious health and social issue that needs to be addressed to save the future of young Ghanaian girls. When girls and women give birth early, they reduce their chances of getting academically empowered and most of their career opportunities are stripped off them. Early teenage pregnancy is associated with a number of things top on the list being high fertility rates.

We seek to raise awareness on sexual reproductive behaviours and provide adequate support to young ladies in rural areas of the Ashanti region.

With this project, there will be a general improvement in girl’s retention rate in the Adansi area as well as a significant reduction in cases of teen pregnancies. Adolescent reproductive health and education will massively improve in the region. Finally, teenage mothers will get the opportunity to further their education.

The steps to realise the project

• Weekly sensitization on adolescent reproductive health issues to the general public and community members through Radio

• Outreach to out of school clubs and Associations

• Group meeting with out of school adolescents

• Group meetings with in school adolescents

• Formation of Campaign teen ambassadors

• Stakeholders Forum

• Mentorship Training

• Skills training for girls including teenage mothers

• Gender Based Violence Training

• Data validation and support for in school girls who become pregnant

• Provide free Family Planning (FP) outreach services

• Annual 3 days Camp on SRHR

• Supervision /monitoring


Funded of 5000 GHS



Dial *789*999# on your phone. Enter campaign code 256 and proceed to donate with any network

Quick dial *789*999#256#

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