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Every household uses soap for cleaning and personal care. It is important to avoid soaps and products that are made with undesirable products.

We use natural, body-friendly ingredients to produce effective and affordable antibacterial soap and personal hygiene products. 

Our raw materials are ethically sourced from women farmers in the Western Region.  From manufacturing through to packaging, Nature’s Bliss goes through an environmentally friendly production process.

The steps

We look to increase the number of products we make to meet the high demand. To do so we need to:

● First, acquire additional equipment and technology. This will result in a higher production level, providing a safer and better production space for our staff. 

● Get certification and approval for our products from the regulatory authorities such as Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) and Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) 

● Create and implement our online sales and marketing plan to boost our market entry and sales

● Employ and engage more women both directly and indirectly in our operations to promote women empowerment.

The impact 

From outsourcing raw materials from women farmers, to processing, production, packaging, sales and marketing of our products, our business operations will offer more sustainable jobs directly and indirectly for people within and around our community.


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