Promoting Sustainable and Modern Farming Technologies

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Prince Yeboah

Improve productivity of Vegetable Producers

ROPRYN Company Limited (RCL) is established to promote value chain development of Fruits & Vegetables with the aim of meeting the growing demand by high-end segment markets including retail chains, hospitality, facility/camp management, shipping lines and households. RCL business model involves cultivation, processing and packaging of fruits and vegetables which are supplied to our various customer segments.

Over the last 2 years, Ropryn has piloted 2 acres of vegetables under intensive eco-friendly irrigated solar-powered production systems. Based on the satisfactory output of this pilot phase, Ropryn decided to increase the production level. RCL is raising funds to help them to realise their project.

This will enable Ropryn to increase production of wholesome fruits and vegetables, and also extend the modern and sustainable production practices to more farmers, youth and students. This addresses the practices that harm the environment, and ensures products are safe for consumption.


Impact of the campaign on the Community


        I.            Employment and Job creation 

Ropryn is already creating jobs for youths and women by integrating them along multiple stages of its value chain. This includes direct recruitment, sourcing and supply partnerships, and farming engagement.

Ropryn at the moment actively engages women and youths with a threshold of 60% and 70% for the Women and Youth respectively. The company will continue to give priority to members of communities within which the company operates and its immediate environs during all recruitment activities. In order to ensure continuous support from the communities the company operates, there shall be periodic engagement with the Traditional Authorities and Opinion leaders including Assembly members.

      II.            Economic Impact

In terms of the Economic impact of this initiative, Ropryn will reach out, train and expose about 30 Smallholder Farmers in Vegetable Production within adjourning MMDA’s. Beneficiary farmers who will begin to adopt good farming will be incorporated into our Out-grower scheme to feed into our supply chain.


    III.            Environmental Impact

The adoption of the drip irrigation system will ensure water efficiency. This method will also help to serve as weed control and therefore minimize the use of weedicides/herbicides which affect the environment and biodiversity.


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Funded of 5000 GHS



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