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Jozolu Foundation

in memory of Olga Dikuasa

Building a better world for children begins with the foundations from childhood. Jozolu Foundation works for the sustained well-being of children. We have the power to impact their future and we are doing something about it. Thousands of girls are out of school in Ghana. We aspire to create a world where every child can get quality health care, go to school and have their basic needs met. 

An assessment of the classroom conditions has been conducted by our co-ordinator who has confirmed the urgent need to upgrade the learning environment for the children attending that classroom who are between the ages of 5-6 years old.

* First we will upgrade and fix the roof as it has got holes on it which affect the learning especially during the rainy season.

* The classroom has got neither windows nor doors which attracts burglars who cause damage to the little furniture they may have. Providing them with windows and doors will be our next step. 

*Classroom floor is in deplorable conditions and is unsafe for both children and staff. *Correct lighting is necessary as the children end up doing homework in unsuitable lighting conditions. 

*Upgrade of the classroom furniture

*Painting of the classroom

*Adequate teaching materials such as new writing board and a laptop

Prior to starting the work we will seek all relevant permissions from the Director of Education, Head Teacher and local leaders and follow all the protocols necessary.

Without the necessary school supplies, bright young minds lack the quality of education that they need in order to thrive academically. By offering basic tools of education to the children attending school and providing them with a rich and  stimulating environment we are giving them an enhanced effective and efficient teaching and learning experience. By doing all of the above  we are improving the quality of the education for the future leaders of their communities which will have a long lasting positive outcome for generations to come. This enhanced rich and stimulating environment will also increase school attendance and performance. With higher school attendance more children will continue to further their education and  with better education the poverty levels in their communities will be reduced. With better education comes better employment opportunities which will impact positively on their communities.


Funded of 5000 GHS



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