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Eugene Amador

Eat healthy and embrace nature sustainably

There are several sawmills in the community and their waste product is sawdust. Usually, this sawdust is thrown away, given out, or burnt in the community and it is often a nuisance in the communities that have these sawmills. 

Springlife uses this sawdust to cultivate mushrooms, precisely oyster mushrooms to ease the burden of finding ways of getting rid of the sawdust.

 Springlife helps to reduce pollution and contribute to a more sustainable environment. Eventually, the business plans to reach out to corn farms, rice farms, and sorghum farms among others to use their farm waste to cultivate mushrooms. Doing so will effectively help them manage their waste and equally contribute to job creation. 

The steps to realize the project 

1.The acquisition of a plot of land.

First off, for this project to be realized, a plot of land will have to be acquired. A plot of land will offer the required space and liberty for farm work to efficiently run. Mushrooms thrive best when they are not overcrowded and also do well in cool spacious environments.

2.Construction of farm shed

After the land has been acquired, the construction of the farm shed begins. The sheds will be constructed such that there will be an apportioned section or rooms for all stages of the cultivation processes.

3.Construction of a well or borehole

A borehole or well will be constructed along with a pump to ensure a constant supply of fresh water for farm processes. Mushrooms are about 90% water and without a good supply of water, they dehydrate and eventually deform. Hence hydration during cultivation is essential. Also importantly, a well or borehole saves the cost of connecting to the national water grid which could run into a huge water bill for the farm to bear.  

4.Ghana standard product certification

Mushrooms sells best when it has been certified by the National Standard Authority and the Food and drugs Authority. When customers are confident about farm produce, they do not hesitate to purchase which is good for business.

5.Facility to refrigerate excess mushrooms

In case of an abundant harvest, excess mushrooms will be kept in a farm refrigerator to stay fresh so it can be sold in the future. This way it stays fresh and its market value remains the same or better.

6.Vehicle for mushrooms distribution to clients and customers

A vehicle preferably a minivan or pickup will help in the efficient distribution of mushrooms to clients and customers. Since mushrooms are perishable produce, hence it is wise to distribute on time to clients and customers.

The impact

The project will pay attention to employing the youth especially the young ladies. Job opportunities will be created for young people to live in the community, hence the dependency on others will be limited.

Also with my expertise, I will avail myself to train others to start-up mushroom farms in the community. When young people are self-employed, they appreciate their potential better and make good use of their energies. Also, mushroom farming is far less hazardous and environmentally friendly as compared to local gold mining “galamsey” on treacherous lands.

Mushrooms make a great and cheaper protein supplement. Considering the high cost of proteins and general food stuff in the community, the project will offer community members the options to enhance their meals at a low cost compared to animal protein.

Also, the end-waste of cultivating mushrooms is sawdust blocks, but instead of allowing it to decay in the community, they will be processed along with poultry manure into rich organic manure. Such organic manure is environmentally friendly and will be a better source of soil supplement to farmers and horticulturists as compared to chemical fertilizers. This way we will earn some revenue at the same time saving the environment. 


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