Lam Naturals: Food Production

Creator name

Sheila Dongoyo

Growing with Nature

Started in 2019 (just 3 years ago) in Asutsuare.
As an entrepreneur, Lam Naturals identified an opportunity in the
the production stage of the value chain, i.e. vegetable farming involving
the usual processes of clearing the land, nursing, transplanting,
weed control, harvesting, and post-harvest management (manual
packaging) as well distribution of produce. Demand for vegetables
far outweighs supply, especially within Greater Accra.
Gradually expanding to other crops and packaging.
Challenges: Land acquisition, labor/workforce management, theft
issues. Is it worth it? YES!
But as the popular saying goes, where there is a will, there is
definitely a way! It’s a game of persistence!!
PERSONALLY, it’s such a fulfilling economic activity – knowing I can
create a viable business and earn a decent income as a mother and a
The challenges make it even more fulfilling. So do not chicken out!!
I’ve rid the family of buying basic groceries for my household,
meaning more savings.
For the community, where I operate, I am providing jobs to young
men and women, and it’s such a great feeling.
Remember, an economically empowered woman is stable
psychologically, emotionally and physically.

50 GHS

Funded of 5000 GHS



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