How it works

What's Crowdfunding?

Unleashing the Power of community

Crowdfunding is a way for you to fundraise online for a project, person or cause. At its simplest, you'll create a crowdfunding page online and promote it to as many people as you can. We'll collect and transfer the funds to you. You then do your project and then follow up with your supporters to show them what you've spent the money on.


Before You Start

Determine how you want to position your campaign.For example, are you a:

  • Non-profit looking to raise money for a cause?
  • Small business looking for help to get started.
  • Individuals that need support for school or family.
  • Do you have a medical emergency?


Prepare Campaign

Position yourself as the donor that could potentially fund your campaign and ask yourself:

  • Why should they support your initiative?
  • What would make you want to support your own campaign?
  • How can you have donors believe that your need is sincere?

Then draft a concise ‘ask’ with clear objectives of why the funds are needed and how the funds will be used (refer to crowdfunding tips).


Submit For Review

After you have developed a strong narrative and funding target, submit your campaign with compelling photos, videos and social media links.



Before your campaign goes live, ensure that you reach out to everyone in your network leveraging e-mail lists, SMS & WhatsApp messaging, social media as well as traditional word of mouth. It will be critical to ask a few family and friends to make an initial contribution, no matter how small to get the ball rolling!



After your campaign is launched. Send an e-mail out to your supporters asking them to spread the word through their social media networks.


Get Paid!

Funds will be settled into your bank account at the end of the campaign. You will receive 100% of what you raise (even when you do not meet your target) by the end of the campaign period

How to get started

Tips to get started

Crowdfunding tip 1
Be specific about what the money’s going toward

Very few supporters will want to give to a vague crowdfunding campaign that doesn’t even hint at where the funds will go. The more specific you can be when talking about how donations will be used, the better! Being clear about where you’ll allocate the funds you raise establishes transparency with your donors, making it more likely that they’ll trust you and give to the campaign.

Crowdfunding tip 2
Ask the right people for donations

You know your network best. You, more than anyone, can likely tell if someone would be receptive to giving to your crowdfunding campaign. Not everyone is going to be as enthusiastic about your cause or project as you are. And that’s okay. Do your best to focus your energy on outreach that will have the highest return on your investment. Just remember, to an extent, crowdfunding is a numbers game. So, while you want to be strategic about your outreach, you shouldn’t be so strategic that you end up narrowing your options.

Crowdfunding tip 3
Ask for donations early

Many crowdfunding campaign organizers make the mistake of setting up a campaign page and assuming that people will find it. By promoting your campaign on the same day, you set it up (and the early days that follow), you can position yourself for crowdfunding success. In fact, nearly half of successful campaigns’ funds are raised in the first and last 3 days of the campaign’s duration.
This means that you have a short window to get the word out and ask for donations from your family, friends, and community.

How to Get Started

What could I crowdfund?

  1. Support to start or grow a business
  2. Causes that you care about
  3. Education support
  4. NGO and not-for-profit activities
  5. Emergencies or disaster relief.

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